Silence of the Clams

John Alex Wood really love CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)

JAW hates Psychiatry, as Scientology believes that they (The Psychs) was send to this Planet (The Earth) to fuck-up Homo Sapiens (The Humans) and reduce them to mindless robots, using the Industry of Death while they are making loads of Money.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights International

The CCHR is often characterized as a front group for the Church of Scientology, which sponsors the organization. In 1993, the US Internal Revenue Service granted CCHR tax exemption as part of an agreement with the Church of Scientology International and Religious Technology Center (RTC) under which the RTC took responsibility for CCHR’s tax liabilities.

The CCHR has been criticized by journalist Andrew Gumbel for “crudeness” and “paranoia” in its criticism of psychiatry.

Two scholars featured in the film Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, Holocaust scholar Michael Berenbaum and bioethics scholar Arthur Caplan, have rejected the attack on psychiatry and psychology. Berenbaum stated that “I have known psychiatrists to be of enormous assistance to people deeply important to me in my life,” and Caplan complained that he had been taped without being told what the film was about, and called the producers “smarmy and dishonest.

While JAW is sharing everything, he finds on Social Medias, with content from CCHR, he is also attracting people with mental disorders to go against Medications and Psychiatry using recruiting techniques he has learned in Scientology.

As we see nothing wrong with keeping an eye on Doctors and Pharmaceutical products and report any wrong doing or abuse, we certainly see something wrong in promoting Scientology as the Authority on Mental issues when in comes to the conman L. Ron Hubbard version of the human mind.

The most incriminating record of this ignorance has to be Tom Cruise appearance on the Today Show, in a 2005 interview with Matt Lauer.

Some of these people, who denies or doubts, their own diagnoses or mental issues, will “follow” and defend Scientology circling JAW’s Twitter accounts or Facebook while they engage in Protesters and Critics as Trolls. JAW is also attracting criminal individuals against his own Church so they can blame the People who speaks against Scientology on having an influence on these unstable peoples actions.

To be continued …


Matt Lauer Reflects on Infamous Tom Cruise Interview:


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